Engendering the Climate for Change

Women in Uttar Pradesh, March 2009
Women in Uttar Pradesh, March 2009. By Find Your Feet under CC BY 2.0 License. Original flickr.

February 14, 2012
Aditi Kapoor
The research assesses policies and practices for gender-just adaptation in India. The recommendations are based on consultative research carried out in 3 States of India – viz Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. The research report highlights the causes and concerns of women due to climate change. It rightly points out that climate change would put an extra pressure on women activities in villages, Thus in India adaptation policies need to be ‘gender neutral’ than ‘gender blind’. The findings will be relevant for policy makers to engage marginal section of society like women in India.

Click here to read Engendering the Climate for Change (83 pages, pdf, 7.41MB)

Aditi Kapoor is a Director (Policy Advocacy and Partnerships) at Alternative Futures and a development and media professional, working on issues of environment, climate change, gender, poverty and development. The report is published by Christain Aid in cooperation with Alternative Futures and the Heinrich Böll Foundation New Delhi.
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