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Arne Jungjohann is the Director for the Environment and Global Dialogue Program of the Washington office. He promotes solutions towards a renewable energy based economy on both sides of the Atlantic. Arne is a leading international voice on the German energy transition and coordinates the worldwide activities of the Foundation on this issue. In the UNFCCC negotiations, his work contributes to a just and fair global climate treaty.

In the early 2000s, Arne worked as a senior advisor for the German Green Party in the Deutscher Bundestag. He has extensive experience on energy and climate legislation, such as Germany’s initial nuclear phase-out, the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) and the national implementation of the EU’s cap and trade system. In addition to his core field of energy and climate, Arne engages in broader political programs such as campaigns & elections, digital rights & online privacy, and social media & politics.

Arne contributes frequently to public media such as Deutschlandfunk, National Public Radio, The Grist or Klima der Gerechtigkeit. He holds a Masters in Political Science of the Free University Berlin. Arne is the speaker of the local chapter of the German Green Party in Washington DC and has a passion for soccer.

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